Efty made two big moves this week that I’m really excited about

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about Efty is their commitment to innovation. Since I started using the service years ago I’ve seen dozens of new features get added, all at no additional cost. While I’ve always felt like this is just too good to be true, why complain right?

Well this week Efty really packed it in with two major announcements, the first is something that I’ve been hoping would happen for years – a domain marketplace. This means that soon Efty customers will have the option to get more exposure for their domains or opt-out if for some crazy reason you don’t want more potential buyers to see your names?!?

Best of all, and this one really caught me by surprise – the marketplace will be completely commission free. Here’s a sneak peek from Efty’s founder Doron:

Okay, so this would normally be all I’d need to keep Efty buzzing in my head all week…but like the post title says, Efty made two big moves this week. The second announcement is a new partnership with DAN.com that will allow Efty.com customers to add “Buy It Now” buttons to their for sale landers and marketplaces.

Domain investors have been raving about DAN’s seamless payment system and lightning-fast payments and I for one will definitely be using this as the default payment option on my names once the feature goes live.

Congrats to both teams at Efty and DAN and to domain investors like myself around the world, this is a big win for all of us! 🙌

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton