Efty is on fire, launches two new updates this week

Well I think it’s safe to say that Efty is officially on fire this week, the popular platform used by domain investors to manage, market, and monetize their portfolio rolled out a brand new Enterprise along with a “Price by Request” feature within two days of each other.

Let’s start with Efty Enterprise. Here’s the scoop from the Efty blog:

Many of the large domain name portfolio holders have chosen to develop custom solutions to host their landing pages and or marketplace over the years or opted to use less-desirable PPC landing pages to be able to yield inquiries and offers for their domain names without having to pay a third-party marketplace commission.

The challenges that come with developing,  hosting and maintaining a custom solution are especially demanding for portfolios with a large amount of traffic and unless you have a developer on the payroll you often end up paying one on a regular basis for fixes and updates.

Many of these large portfolio owners have reached out to us over the years to explore the possibility of using Efty so I am super excited to announce that we are now able to support portfolios of up to 100,000 domains. Yes, that is quite the step up from the previous maximum number of domains in the Professional plan which stands at *just* 5000.(Source – Efty Blog)

I know a number of people that have been waiting to make the move over to Efty once Enterprise became available so there are going to be a lot of happy Domain Investors making the move this week.

Along with support for portfolios of up to 100,000 domains the new Enterprise offering also comes Zapier integration which allows Efty to integrate with 1,500+ other solutions from Salesforce to Slack.

On Monday Efty announced their Enterprise offering, and today they announced yet another update – the addition of “Price by Request” For Sale landing pages.

At Efty, we’re already offering a myriad of For-Sale landing pages with different wording. You can choose between Make Offer, Buy-It-Now, Buy-It-Now & Make Offer and we even have a design that simply states “Contact us for business inquiries”. But we didn’t have a theme that allowed visitors to request a price. Yet.

As of today, a new section with three different “Price Upon Request” For-Sale landing pages can be found in your landing page theme gallery.(Source – Efty Blog)

Efty credited the Domain King, Rick Schwartz for inspiring this feature, in the blog post I liked to above you’ll find Rick’s tweet on the importance of having this as an option on For Sale landers.

I will likely be playing around with these new landers myself since it’s something I’ve been interesting in seeing and as usual, Efty has rolled this one out without any additional cost to users.

Congrats to the whole team at Efty – what a week!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton