DoseBuy shares data on his first ten months investing in domain names

As many of you know by now, there’s been a new domain investor named DoseBuy who has been sharing his adventures in domain investing since he started on Twitter. DoseBuy, whose real name is Johan, lives in Sweden and first caught my attention when he was tweeting a bunch about .CX domains.

I was hard on him initially, felt like a jerk, apologized, and now, in all honesty – he’s one of my favorite domain investors to follow on Twitter. If you’ve followed him for a while you’ll know he has a great sense of humor and I’ve been super impressed with his hustle, I think he’s here to stay folks.

DoseBuy promised to share stats on his first year in the domain investing world and this weekend he shared the results for his first ten months, here’s the tweet:

DoseBuy first year Domain Investing

Most domain investors lose money their first year, or at least I sure did. With his combination of sales and brokerage combined he likely hit at least a 2x ROI which is stellar in most people’s books.

While I think some people might say he’s heavy on hand regs, they’re all paid for now with profits so any that he sells onward is profit (less of course renewal costs) so if he continues to hustle it he’ll be in a good place.

My guess is Johan will end up balancing his portfolio with more expired domain purchases over the next year, but I could be wrong, that’s just my hunch. Congrats to Johan on a great first ten months, here’s to the next ten!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton