SEO Week: Day 3 – Anchor Text

Anchor text is one of the most important SEO techniques and luckily a simple concept – the idea is to provide links to your sites using keywords that you would like your site to rank well for. This means you’ll have to have more than one website and a blog is a great way to use anchor text to promote your other websites.

So – I’ll use a real life example. I own the domain where I have a nice mini-site and some consistent traffic and revenue. Suppose I want the domain to rank better for the keyword pair “jury trial” – all I have to do is create some anchor text like this (more effective to use it in a sentence):

There is a very interesting jury trial being discussed on television.

With each keyword pair you wish to rank well for, you can make some anchor text on your blog or another website that your run with a link to your site using this keyword pair. So as a great big anchor text extravaganza I’m going to plug a bunch of my mini-sites in a short story I’ve titled “My crazy neighbor”.

Last night I was watching Cricket on television when I heard a knock at the door. Much to my surprise it was my neighbor, Bill, trying to sell mercury to me since he had some left-over from an experiment he was working on. This seemed pretty suspicous to me so I declined the offer and booked a one-way ticket to Mexico for him, hoping he’d never return. I went to give him the ticket in the morning and saw him in his living room playing wii fit. I didn’t want to disrupt him so decided to steal his Wall Street journal and catch-up on some investment news. On the front page was an article about Twitter and since I have wanted to learn how to use Twitter for some time now I started to read it.

Next thing you know there is another knock on my door. It’s another neighbor and he says our suspicious neighbor has just been arrested, and now I have to bailout Bill! I was surprised to say the least so told him I needed to consult my legal reference book before moving forward with this adventure. Instead of doing this I booked a flight to New York and planned a weekend of clubbing in New York City – I was finally free of my crazy neighbor!

Okay – so definitely not the most interesting of stories – but I hope you see how you can use anchor text to help your domains rank better for particular keywords. This is an SEO technique that has been around for a long time and I’ll tell you – it really works!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton