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Domains for Sale

I got an interesting email from a blog reader over the weekend. He said,

“You sell most of your domains to end-users but mention that you sell some to Domainers, why don’t you list those for sale on your blog?”

I didn’t have a great answer for why I didn’t so I decided it was about time to list some domains for sale on here.

As a Domainer I only buy at wholesale so if I’m going to sell to other Domainers I’m also going to sell only at wholesale. I sell 90% of my domains to end-users at four and five-figure prices but to Domainers I know people want to flip so I sell about 10% of my names below $1,000. For this first post I’m listing everything under $500 to get things started right! So I’ve picked ten domains that I’m willing to sell at wholesale. Since this is a sales post I’m closing comments, if you want to buy one (or more) of these domains please email me at morgan(at)

If you like deals like these I also highly recommend you sign-up for my newsletter as I offer deals like this every month on there. Also, as I say in my newsletter, these are all first-come first-served so I apologize if the domain you want has already sold. When I sell to other Domainers my pricing is low so they tend to sell quickly. – $100 – $150 (1,000 exact-match global searches) – $150 – $200

(Sold) – $200 – $250 (1,300 exact-match global searches) – $250 (49,000 exact-match global searches)– $350 – $400 + – $450

I will offer deals on purchases of three or more domains so if you see a few you like you can get more for an ever lower price.

Last but not least

I’ve decided to include a special bonus for anyone who has read down this far – yes that means you! If you tweet or share this post on Facebook you will be entered in a drawing to win the following domains for free: +

So tweet, Facebook and spread the love and you could get two domains for free! Thanks for reading and if this goes well I’ll happily do it more in the future. Thanks to Jack (leaving last name out for privacy) for recommending I do this post!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton