Is Trying To Be The Next

AngelList is a major player in the startup space and made a smart move branding around They are now the go-to place for startups that are looking for angel funding and likewise for accredited investors looking for awesome startups to invest in.

Today I saw a new ad at the top of a started-related Google search I was doing for a site I’ve never heard of,, which looks like it’s branding itself, well, exactly the same way as AngelList.

I’m all for healthy competition and it looks like the founder of, Wil Schroter has a pretty solid track-record in the startup space. With the startup community growing as quickly as it is now I’m not surprised to see an AngelList clone pop-up and expect to see more as time goes on.

I think this also goes to show what a great job .CO has done branding in the startup space since the first AngelList clone that I’ve now come across is also branding with a .CO. It will be interested to see how differentiates itself over time and if it’s able to become as ingrained in startup culture as AngelList has.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton