Domaining MBA Monday: TRAFFIC Announces One-Day Passes + Why You Should Go For The Full Event

Domaining MBA Monday

Today TRAFFIC organizers announced the addition of two one-day pass options for the TRAFFIC Vegas show coming up next week. Their decision to offer these passes was based on requests from potential attendees who wouldn’t be able to make it for the entire show. I am definitely a fan of getting as many people to TRAFFIC as possible and think that Rick and Howard definitely made the right move here…that being said I do agree with Rick that you really don’t get the full experience in one day.

I know this from experience as I’ve attended some conferences like Affiliate Summit on day passes and found there to be a night and day difference between this and the full conference experience. This is especially true of TRAFFIC which has pre-event Cabana networking which is incredibly valuable. We went to TRAFFIC Florida early and we’re coming to TRAFFIC Vegas early, this is where the networking begins and poolside at the Bellagio is a darn good place to start your week.

I also see conferences as a progression of relationships, some that have existed for years, others that start and evolve over the course of the week. While you could jam as many meetings as you can into a single day, sometimes it’s just the serendipity that happens over beers that makes your year and changes your business.


Don’t get me wrong, like I said above, I think it’s great that TRAFFIC is offering these passes. What I will urge all of you to do is ask yourself if you’re buying a day pass because your schedule is busy, or because you want to save a few hundred dollars. If you’re going for a day to save money, what you lose in experience won’t be worth it. If your schedule really is too busy to come for more than a day then so be it and it’s better to come for a day than not come at all.

The domain industry is full of incredible people and there are only a few times for us to meet together during the course of the year. Daina and I love TRAFFIC because it not only brings Domainers together, but also brings their families with them. In fact I think Shane’s even bringing his Mom this year! If you can make it for the whole show I can tell you it is absolutely worth every penny and then some!

See you in Vegas!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton