Weekend Musings

Sierra Madres Hiking View

Hello, happy Saturday, and welcome to my weekend musings. As I said in my last musing, I’m going to be adding more photos to this weekly post, I’m a photo nut and loving sharing my photos and since I don’t do it much on my blog I thought my weekend musings would be the place to do it. On that note I’ve also started a Tumblr blog just for photos so if you want to see some of my photos during the week you can find them there. I won’t be writing on the Tumblr site at all, just posting photos so don’t expect anything domain-related.

The image at the top of this post is from our hike in the Sierra Madres mountains last weekend. Daina and I have decided to go hiking every Sunday. We both love hiking and have found this is a great way to clear our minds. For those who haven’t been to Southern California before we have some of the most incredibly hiking on the planet, and thanks to our weather, we can hike year round.

What we really love about the hike we did last weekend is all the different scenery we pass through along the hike. From the above shot at the top of Mount Zion to the image below inside the dense forest.

Sierra Madres Dense Forest Hiking

Last night we went to see the new Star Trek movie. If you don’t know, Daina and I are huge Star Trek geeks (Daina even more than me!) and we were really looking forward to J.J. Abrams latest creation. Marina del Rey has an awesome AMC Dine In theater with reserved seats and dinner/drink service available at the push of a button. The seats are like big recliners you’d have in your living room and yes, just like your living room you can recline.

AMC Dine In

Overall I felt that J.J. Abrams did a great job with the action scenes which were incredibly fun to watch, and it’s also neat to see one of my favorite characters come back to life…but it did seem like a much weaker storyline than his first foray into the Star Trek world. Also Daina didn’t like that the Klingons wore masks and used phasers which is very out of character for them based on the last 20+ years of TV shows.

Marina del Rey Beach

Every morning we go for a walk on the beach and I’ve been posting photos from our daily walk on Facebook and Instagram but will now be including them on the new Tumblr site as well. I’m not sure how exciting beach photos are on a daily basis but I’ll be trying to mix it up so they are from different angles with different effects, etc.

From morning until night we have been working incredibly hard on Fashion Metric and our morning walks are spent planning the day ahead and discussing strategy. We were initially doing these meetings in our office sitting in desk chairs but decided to take these meetings to the beach. Environment really does make a difference and this has really worked out well for us, especially considering that most nights we’re working until nine or ten at night so a morning walk really helps to clear our minds.

This week we were very excited to have an interview with us featured on WearToClick and enjoyed an awesome co-working session with a couple other Fashion Tech startups in LA on Thursday.

As for Linton Investments I’m incredibly happy with how well the team is doing. As you all know I’ve worked incredibly hard to build a domain business, rather than a self-employment job for myself in the domain world. We’ve sold six domains so far this month and one more deal just closed this morning. It looks like this could be a new record for May and it’s all happened without me having to spend my days working in the business.

I am really excited for TRAFFIC which is less than two weeks away now! Daina and I will be coming early and look forward to hanging-out at the cabanas with some of the other early arrivals. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you should, TRAFFIC Vegas is shaping up to be one amazing conference!

Well it’s 8:40AM and we are getting ready to head to the gym for our Saturday morning Cardio Core Ball class. I hope you’re all having a nice start to your weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton