Domaining 2009 – The year of the ccTLD

With 2008 now behind us and 2009 in full swing it's time to find the next big trend. In 2008 the Domaining community shifted focus from parking to development. Now in 2009 a new trend is forming and its all about ccTLD's…maybe.

For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while then you can remember a .info name I registered last year and made $150/month right-away. Everyone said that .info domains had no value – what many people forgot is how Google indexes their searches. I found strong keywords and a well-made mini-site could provide an excellent Google rank and in turn – strong traffic. Rick Latona is literally "betting the farm" on ccTLD's and if you haven't read his post – read it now! Rick also posted a great video on his blog that is sure to inspire the ccTLD-lover inside all of us. My company, Linton Investments, has been a big fan of ccTLD's and found our first success with a few domains we found were getting strong type-in traffic. Since then we've continued to build-up our portfolio and I can honestly say there are still some amazing domain names out there.Think of countries like India and China – populations over triple the U.S. and still far-away from the Internet penetration we see right now. You


actually hand-register names that get type-in traffic like in the early .com days. So for those who say it is too late to get into Domaining – put a sock in it. The opportunities are there and new markets are forming. Just today we registered some very strong .in names (including a category-defining – hand registered!) that we'll be developing mini-sites for and getting indexed in the search engines. So take a look around – the Domaining world is changing and there's good news – if you are just getting started then you are still early!Want to learn more? Read my book

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton