Domaining Power Course: Lesson #3 – Domain Name Appraisal

Last night I posted the third lesson of the Domaining Power Course on YouTube. In the third lesson I discuss one of the most debated topics in Domaining – Domain Name Appraisal. This is a difficult subject to cover as so many people value domains using different metrics. One thing is for sure – this is by-far the most requested topic by new domainers.

For intermediate or advanced Domainers this will be a bit too basic as this course is geared towards new or novice Domainers. This lesson teaches new Domainers how to determine the price of similar domain names or domains with similar keywords to their own. Along with this I discuss how you can use Google to determine how popular your domain and keywords are. It is important for new Domainers to understand that it is next-to-impossible to pin an exact price on a domain name. Instead I hope this lesson will teach people how to determine an acceptable range that their domain will sell within. In this first lesson I do not cover traffic and revenue which are key metrics for evaluating domain value. For new Domainers I am assuming they have registered a domain by hand that has no existing traffic or revenue. I plan to cover this topic again in a later lesson after I have discussed buying expired and traffic domains.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton