Domaining Video Course – Lesson #2 Released

Today I released the second installment in my new Domaining Power Course on YouTube. I got some great responses to my first video and am looking forward to sharing more of my experience with new domainers.

I am still fighting with YouTube's 10-minute maximum and had to cut-out most of the opening intro from this lesson in order to make it meet the requirements. This is why you'll notice the video starts quite abruptly (Why not 15 minutes YouTube – please!). As I continue down this path I will most likely invest in some better equipment as well – however for a video like this its really the information that matters.

One of the best responses I got from my first lesson was from a new domainer who was thinking of throwing in the towel. They were convinced that it was too late to get into domaining. After watching my first course they got inspired and emailed me eager for the next course!

In the second lesson I discuss buying domain names. This is a big point of confusion for new domainers given the multitude of places you can buy domain names online. I review the different ways you can buy domain names online and outline the pros and cons of each.

Remember – these first lessons are aimed at absolute beginners. I plan to make future lessons that cover topics that will hopefully appeal to an even larger community. For now – if I inspire just one person to get into domaining I'll feel my job as a teacher has been a success!

Enjoy the second lesson in the Domaining Power Course!

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Watch Domaining Power Course: Lesson #2 – Buying Domain Names

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton