DOMAINfest 2012 – Day Two In Review: Part Two

DOMAINfest 2012 Pitchfest

As day two winds down I made my way to PITCHfest, one of the coolest events at DOMAINfest! Entrepreneurs have the chance to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of expert judges. The first company to present was Akashic, a cloud computing solution looking to innovate in the space. Next up was Wealth Investors who unfortunately, even after watching their presentation I couldn’t tell you what they heck they do!


StratoSquare was next introducing a solution for helping people better understand their investments and identify options that might be a good fit for them. Babafoo took the stage and introduced what they are calling “Linked In For High School Athletes.” Their site has been up for three months so they’re just starting to understand how people will use it and where they need to improve the system.

Troy Rushton - Pitchfest

Following Babafoo is one of my favorites – Protrada. As you all probably know by now I’m a huge fan of Protrada and Troy Rushton, their CEO gave a great pitch of what they are doing to help people acquire, manage, and develop domains. Prenostik, the next company pitching is helping companies understand how ad spending translates into sales.

Eye-Predict wins my award for the most entertaining pitch and a pretty cool solution for optimizing catalogs. The founder did a great job of keeping this pitch fun and adding some humor to the presentation! FilmBreak calls themselves a dynamic online funding and distribution platform for independent filmmakers. Think of this as AngelList for the entertainment industry – very cool!

The last company to present is Splashoo, a social network for ratings. People can vote on things like who will win the Super Bowl, to your favorite restaurant, to your favorite professor. The idea is to allow people to share rankings and connect with other people who have similar interests or views.

After the pitches, the panel of investors had the opportunity to ask entrepreneurs questions about their businesses. At the end, audience members were able to vote for the best combined score with Babafoo taking the cake with 26% of the votes. After the audience choice award comes the judges choice…and the winner is – Akashic!

Now that PITCHfest is over it’s time for the second party of the conference taking place at the Petersen Auto Museum. This is a very cool spot for Domainers to network and check-out some of the coolest cars on the planet. As a big auto geek myself I am really looking forward to this one!

petersen_auto_museumAs you all know, I don’t blog about the parties so what happens at the Petersen Museum, stays at the Petersen Museum…right?

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton