DOMAINfest 2012 – Day Two In Review: Part One

Day two of DOMAINfest 2012 started-out with some big news – Snapnames and Moniker are being sold to Key-Systems, the same company that purchased NameDrive. To some this news came as a complete surprise, but to many this was a logical next step as Oversee continues to find their focus.

I personally see this as a very good thing. Oversee is working hard to take tools like DomainSponsor to the next level and with their own brands seeing major traction online there’s a lot of opportunity.


Today saw an active seminar schedule as the morning kicked-off with a session on keyword research followed by advanced PPC techniques. Just like yesterday I was running around from meeting-to-meeting all morning so my first seminar was Tim Ash’s talk on Landing Page Optimization.


One of my favorite speakers that I’ve ever seen at a conference is Tim Ash from SiteTuners. Tim gives high-energy, information-packed seminars that I always leave more excited than ever! So of course I was very happy to see that Tim was speaking at DOMAINfest, and if you’re not here I can at least share some of the great information to inspire all of you! First let’s get two things out of the way:

  • Always ask yourself – How can I add value to actual people?
  • Important to be able to admit that your baby is ugly, i.e. your website may be ugly, sorry but it’s true!

Problems commonly seen on websites and landing pages:

  1. Make your Call-To Action Clear – what do you want the user to do here?
  2. Ask for Less Information – don’t ask for too much information right-away.
  3. Cut Down Your Text – people don’t read on the web, using less text will increase retention and conversions.
  4. Keep Your Promises – if you tell your visitors your are going to do something – do it!
  5. Make Your Trust Visible – this is actually very relevant to and it is this exact advice I received from Tim Ash that caused me to add the “Featured In” section at the top of my blog!

“The #1 driver of conversion in matching people’s intent.”

How to become a conversion ninja:

  • Use CrazyEgg to track in-page analytics, mouse movements, scrolling, etc.
  • can help you test different browser configurations
  • AttentionWizard – simulated visual attention tool, creates “attention heatmaps” of web pages
  • MockFlow – design interactive UI mockups for Desktop Software

I’ve decided to split my review of today into two parts so you all get two more digestible chunks to keep on top of the latest action and excitement here at DOMAINfest! Coming-up very soon is PITCHfest and I can’t wait to share some of the cool companies that come and pitch what could be the next big thing!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton