Domainers descend on Lisbon as NamesCon Europe approaches

With NamesCon Europe now less than 48-hours away it’s official, Domainers are in Lisbon enjoying some pre-conference adventures. As you can see from the picture above, I’m here, and caught up with Braden, Lisa, and Karn for dinner tonight.

It’s my first time in Lisbon and I am blown away, this is one incredible city. Of course I’m not the only Domainer who decided to fly in early for a little extra time in Portugal. Looking around the Twitterverse you’ll see a lot of Domainers saying hello to Lisbon.

Here’s some tweets from Domainers getting their groove on in Portugal’s capital.

Tomorrow I’ll be exploring Sintra which I actually didn’t even know existed until a couple of days ago…now it feels like a can’t miss destination. On Wednesday most of us our saying goodbye to our pads in Lisbon and heading to Cascais for the main event. Given how high the energy level is now, it safe to say this is going to be one incredible conference.

Okay, well it’s midnight here, time for bed, for those getting on flights soon, safe travels and see you soon!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton