Domain Of The Day – Weekend Edition:

So I decided since this series has been so popular I’m going to try to throw one post in every weekend as well, hence this Domain Of The Day – Weekend Edition. Today’s domain is:

Many new investors make the mistake of buying domains with Trademarks in them. While it may seem harmless, even if you don’t do anything with the domain, a TM violation could land you a huge find in the hundreds of thousands of dollar range. So, not surprisingly these TM violations drop all the time and new investors buy them without realizing the incredible risk they are taking.

This domain has one of the biggest and baddest TM violations out there, a little company called Facebook. Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, Facebook does go after people squatting on their name. I would not touch this domain with a ten foot pole and I would recommend that you don’t either.

So don’t be stupid, avoid this domain like the plague. If you’re just starting out you might not know the trouble a name like this could get you in, so take this as your official warning and stay far, far away.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton