Domain Of The Day:

Sometimes I see a domain that would be next to impossible to flip but has some potential for development, with the right owner. Today I spotted an expiring domain that falls into this category:

Hosting is a great market for monetization and when it comes to hosting people are always looking for great deals. Just about every hosting provider out there has an affiliate program so there are lots of ways to make money recommending hosting services. The caveat here is that the hosting space is very crowded which is why I said it would take the right owner to make this one pop. The buyer of this name would have to be very SEO savvy so they could work over time on ranking well for some key hosting-related terms.

I know that some Domainers might look at this name and think that there would be a chance to flip it to a hosting company but this is incredibly unlikely. So if you’re an SEO guru looking for a new challenge this could be a good name for you, flippers stay away, this domain has little to no liquidity.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton