Domain Investors see steady sales volume in lower price ranges

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve heard from numerous full time domain name investors that they’re still seeing steady sales, just at lower prices. This weekend I had a good email exchange with someone I’ve known for years, he said his sales in the five-figure range had fallen off a cliff, but deals in the low four-figure and three-figure range were still very much alive and well.

Today domain investor Josh Reason noted on Twitter that he’s also hearing reports of strong sales activity at lower price points:

Sub $5,000 domain sales

When I was chatting with my friend this weekend I asked him what the split was between inbound and outbound, “oh it’s all outbound,” he told me. This also echoes what I heard a lot from other domain investors at NamesCon this year, it does seem like outbound is alive and well.

A few people have asked me about the best places to learn about Outbound domain sales and in all honesty DNAcademy is my personal go-to and what I recommend to everyone. Mike has done a really good job of not only doing a deeper dive but really sharing what works, what doesn’t, and how to tweak things to get outbound working for you.

I’ve also heard of some really solid deals happening on the high-end, but as usual, many of these go unreported. The most notable sale I’ve seen this year in Rick Schwartz’s sale of for $1.5M, that’s a strong one and likely will sit in the #1 spot for some time.

It will be interesting to see how the next few months pan out. Nobody knows what the real impact of a global pandemic will be on the domain industry but I do think we’re starting to spot some changes. The key for any investor is to adapt to change because one thing is certain, the world is changing.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton