Domain Investing News Recap for the week of August 19th 2019

While some people might be taking a break this summer, the Domain Investing world is more active than ever. From releasing a ton of sales data to the hijacking of a 3L .COM and some pretty impressive numbers around the adoption of .TECH domains, there’s a lot to catch-up on this week.

Below are the stories that caught my eye, so if you have some time this weekend, grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage and start reading. Enjoy!

  • Releases Their Q2-2019 Premium Domain Sales Report & Unveils New Office in Xiamen, China (Read more on DNJournal)
  • Three-letter .com owned by hospital “hijacked” (Read more on DomainIncite)
  • Sedo Announces New Sales Landers (
  • sells for $300,000 to lead Uniregistry’s top 20 sales this week (Read more on TheDomains)
  • sold for $35,000 in 2011 was resold for €150,000 in 2018 (Read more on TLDInvestors)
  • This week’s end user domain name sales (Read more on DomainNameWire)
  • Startups on .tech domains raise $2B+ in VC funding (Read more on TheDomains)
  • closes at $52,200 (Read more on TLDInvestors)
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton