Domain Investing News Highlights for the week of May 12th, 2019

Hello, happy Tuesday, and welcome to another week of domain investing news highlights. Every week I go through all the news stories in the domain investing world and pick a handful that caught my eye.

If you ever think there is an important story that I should include in my weekly domain investing news roundup, simply email me before I bring the post live and if I think it makes sense to include, I will. Now onto the news!

  • New Report Shows Domain Sales Rebounding – Up 10% in Q1-2019 From 4Q-2018 (read more on
  • The Domain King 25 Point Step by Step Guide to Domain Investing (Read more on
  • Ron Jackson was on the Domain Name Wire Podcast (listed to it now on
  • Rick Schwartz Has Made $30 MILLION via PPC Parking (Read more on
  • Emoji Domains – ROI, Tech Updates & More – with Matan Israeli (Watch now at
  • CENTR: domain growth now slowest EVER (
  • Is .com still the number 1 extension? (Read more on

Think I missed an important story? Want to comment on any of the stories I shared above? I want to hear from you, comment below and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton