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I’ve been talking a lot about custom parking pages lately. These pages offer a huge benefit over traditional parking pages, but take the time to build the page, create the graphics, and add the advertisements.

I have decided to put one of our recently built custom-parking pages up for auction on DNForum. The domain for sale is

For those new to the process of buying/selling domain names on a forum site, I’ll provide a brief introduction. Right now NamePros and DNForum are the top domaining forums online. These are a great place to read the latest news, pick-up some great tips, as well as buy and sell domain names. If you are new to domaining you should be reading these forums on a daily basis.

One big advantage to selling your domain names through a forum is that you don’t have to pay any commission. Setting-up an auction is easy to do however it’s important to remember to clearly explain the terms of your auction. I have seen a number of poorly explained auctions that end-up as long arguments between the buyer and the seller on what the original terms of the auction were.

To properly list a domain for auction on a forum there are a few key pieces of information that you need to include. First is the start time of the auction – make sure this is clear, not 5PM but 5PM EST. Next is how the auction ends – does it end 24 hours after someone bids? Maybe you want it to end 24-hours after the listing is posted? It’s up to you but this must be made perfectly clear if you want to end your auction without a hassle.

Next you’ll need to specify a bid-increment. Keep this low if you want people to continue to bid-up your auction. Finally you should provide the payment methods that you accept. The last thing you want is to have someone offer good money for your domain just to find-out they were expecting to pay with a personal check.

By creating a well-explained post for your auction you stand a much better chance of getting bids, and ending the auction with a happy buyer (and you a happy seller).

So if you want to see an auction in action, or interested in bidding on one of our custom parked domains, feel free to hop on over to DNForum and join-in on the action!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton