Latest Custom Parking Pages

If you’ve read my book then you know that Domain Flipping is a two-step process. First it is essential to get good organic traffic coming to your name. A standard parking page can’t get the job done because they index very poorly with search engines. Building a custom parking page allows you to build-up a base-level of traffic and revenue from a domain before doing the full flip.

Keyword research can go a long way with custom parking pages. By writing your own, keyword-rich, high-quality content you can create a website that monetizes far better than any parking page. We recently purchased an older domain, registered in 1999. In the same week we also bought which was already making around $5/month. Starting-out with a domain with a history like can mean greater search engine coverage and backlinks, which in the end equates to – traffic.

Buying a domain that is already making money is also a common practice of ours. Most of the time the names we buy are being monetized through parking services. I can oftentimes purchase a name making $2-$5 a month and turn it into a site making 10x that in a couple of months. This is before the domain is even flipped – just putting a custom parking page on it!

So you might be wondering what Domain Flipping is then? Domain Flipping is the next-step, once the custom parking sites have matured and are getting regular monthly traffic then it’s time to put a full-scale website on the domain. What you create is a valuable asset, a domain name, already making money with consistent monthly traffic and quality backlinks.

If you want to learn Domain Flipping don’t forget to read my book!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton