“Domain For Sale” Landing Pages – what do you use and why?

It’s a topic that is ever-evolving and one that I’ve changed my go-to solution on a number of times over the years. I’m talking about “Domain For Sale” landing pages, those handy landing pages that make it easy for someone to know if your domain name is for sale, if you’re using DomainNameSales.com to generate your landing page (my current go-to solution) then it could look something like this:


The reason why I’m a proponent of a “Domain For Sale” landing page (for most domain names) is that it makes it easier for a potential buyer to get in contact with you. Not every potential buyer knows how to do a WHOIS lookup and even those who do may still not think your domain is for sale and pass on reaching-out.

Why I say landing pages like this are a good choice for most but not all domain names is that if you have a domain that is making good money parked, this will eliminate all your parking revenue which isn’t a great choice. That being said, I think it’s safe to say that most domain investors don’t have portfolios full of domains making a fortune parked so for all those domain that are indeed for sale, a landing page definitely increases inbound offers.

Since I’m asking the question it’s only fair that I answer it myself. I have used DomainNameSales.com for the last few years, here’s why it’s my current go-to solution:

  1. Simple landing pages – the landing pages are clean and simple, not busy or confusing
  2. Solid backend system – the DNS platform is solid and makes it easy to quickly respond to and log offers. Over time it’s also easy to go through past offers so it can also help to bring old forgotten deals back to life
  3. Optional broker option – while I don’t use this option myself it is handy if you want to have an domain broker from DNS handle your inbounds

So now for my question to you. Over the years more and more services have emerged offering easy ways to get a for sale landing page on your domain, what service do you currently use and why?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton