Domain Flipping Magic – from a $7 hand reg to a $2,000 sale in less than 3 months

In every industry there are people who just have a natural proclivity for what they do. Some call it having a “good eye” but I see it as real talent, talent that comes from experience. Logan Flatt is one of those people in the domain industry – he’s developed a solid understanding of what kind of domains sell, and the price points they sell at.

And this experience allows him to pull tricks out of his hat like this one 🎩

Logan Flatt domain flipping

Now be careful. I can tell you that someone is going to read this blog post, go nuts, and buy a bunch of three-word .COMs that start with “BestSocial” thinking they are sitting on a goldmine.

Chance are, if you do this, you’ll be sitting on a bunch of domains that will never sell…and then you’ll likely renew them for a few years creating a money pit of liabilities and wasting money you could have put into buying actual investment-grade domains.

The reality is, most hand-registered domains don’t sell, ever, for any price. I know people who have hand registered similar names to one that sold for $10,000+ only to continually decrease their price, as low as $20…and still seeing no takers.

What Logan and other seasoned pros are able to do is analyze the market, identify opportunities, and buy the right name at the right time. And, as Logan mentions in his tweet, with the help of experienced brokers at places like Afternic, to get the price just right.

All that being said, what this does show is that yes – there are opportunities out there right in front of you, the big question for many people is how to balance learning with doing. So many new investors try to jump in and buy domains expecting them to sell in a few months for thousands of dollars. What I think Logan would say (and he can correct me in the comment section if I’m wrong here!) is that it takes years to study the data, test, and learn, to be able to execute flips like this.

Congrats to Logan, this was a masterful flip 🙌

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton