Domain Development Drops For The Week Of December, 19th

If you read my post last Monday then you know that Startup Monday is no more, and all Startup-related blog posts can be found on This means that I had to find something awesome to replace it with on Monday, and I think I’ve found just the thing!

From now on, every Monday I will share with you some hot Domain Development Drops for the coming week. This way every single week you can target a few good development drops and potentially find your next (or first) passive income machine! I use Protrada to find domains that are a good fit for development. In case you haven’t had a chance to look at my basic criteria for buying domains that are good for development you can see it below:

  1. Search Volume – this is the most important for me, I like to see at least 1,000 exact-match searches with reasonable traffic around related terms as well.
  2. CPC – I have a very simple way of looking at this – the higher the CPC the more valuable customers in this niche are to companies. I think of this as getting more bang for your buck or being able to sell your traffic at a higher price. Great example of this is a debt site I run vs. a sports site, they both get roughly the same amount of visitors and clicks but the debt site makes 10x what the sports site makes! If the CPC is below $0.50 I tend to ignore it
  3. PR and Backlinks of Competition – last but certainly not least I want to understand what level of SEO the top three sites in Google have done. If they are all PR 6 sites with thousands of backlinks it could take me years to beat them. My goal is to find a niche where the top sites are PR0, PR1, and PR2 if I can.

Now onto this week’s list of Domain Development Drops!
Originally registered in 2003, “Track My Phone” gets 3,600 exact-match global searches every month and has a CPC of $0.87. You could put-together a simple mini-site with articles about how to track your phone and Google Adsense. Or if you want to build a full-scale site you could easily build a major resource for phone tracking and phone tracking software reviews as well. This is also a domain that may have some end-user sales interest as well.
5,400 exact-match global searches and a CPC of $2.39 is really in the sweet spot of what I look for. There are a zillion different ways you could monetize this from basic AdSense, to affiliate programs, and eventually direct advertising or lead generation. Unfortunately this would have been a great name to build-out earlier this year as it probably will get the best traffic and revenue during the holidays.
Stock photography is a very large and lucrative niche online. With 6,600 exact-match global searches and a CPC of $6.12 this domain has some nice development potential. If I were to nab this name I’d look to see if I could white-label a stock photography solution. By contacting them directly with a domain like this and your intentions you’d be surprised at the kind of relationships you can create. Since your goal is only to send them more customers there’s really no reason for them no to work with you!
Nobody likes warm beer right? This domain is right on the cusp with 1,000 exact-match global searches and a CPC of $1.32. This could make a great product or review site and there’s enough search volume and CPC there to make it interesting. You’re not going to strike it rich with this name but an extra $50-$100/month never hurt anyone, right?
Search engines treat dashes just like spaces so this would be considered a match for “Smoked Salmon” and could rank just as well as, or for that matter! This term has a ton of search volume with 22,000 exact-match global searches every month and a CPC of $2.52 show that there’s real money in the space. Don’t expect to resell this domain for a penny, but if you’re focused on passive income this has a lot of potential.
This is a great name for someone that has a passion for cycling since you could probably write a handful of great articles to get the site started. With 1,300 exact-match global searches every month and a CPC of $1.47 this has potential to make a nice steady income. Just like Keg Coolers it’s not going to pay your mortgage but it could produce a small but steady stream of revenue.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton