Great Premium .Com, .Net and .Org Names Lie Dormant, Parked!

It always baffles me when I come-across a parked category-killer domain. Call me old fashioned but I like to see the web’s category-defining property developed into useful websites. I think the Castello Brothers have set an excellent example by thinking of brands from the very beginning. To them each category-killer domain name meant owning a category and a brand online.

I’ve always been a firm believer that owning a category-killer .com, .net, or .org still means owning a category-killer domain. So it always saddens me when I see great domains sitting with parked pages on them when even $1,000 worth of development work could dramatically increase the domain’s revenue. Each one of these names has the potential to be an entire business, and I can understand if the owner can’t do it now…but at least put a mini-site up, a 10-page content site, something that will let you get indexed and enjoy the benefits of growing organic traffic!

Well I did a bit of searching and came-up with sixteen dormant premium .net and .org names, full of brand-potential, in my opinion! Feel free to comment and share some dormant domains you’ve discovered as well!

So I have an offer to anyone who owns a domain on this list – and this only applies to domains on this list. My company will build a website on your domain for free! I’m not talking about a WordPress Mini-Site, but instead a 10-20 page website packed with information and multiple forms of monetization, custom-coded, and not built from a template. To take me up on this offer please visit

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton