Do you have the "It Factor"?

I was reading a great post on ProBlogger today that I thought made an excellent point about blogging that directly applies to the Domain Investing world. The post discusses what it takes to build a buzz around your blog and attract and retain readers. Many new bloggers oftentimes look for a magic formula to launch their blog but soon find that there is no magic formula. Many bloggers get discouraged early-on and give-up leaving millions of stranded blogs lying dormant across the Internet.

Hmmm…does this sound familiar to you? I think many people have the same experience with Domaining. They get inspired, buy a ton of domains, expect to watch the money come rolling in…and if it doesn’t, they give-up. They too are looking for the magic formula – an easy way to make a fortune with domain names.

It’s nothing more than hard work!

This is the point made in the ProBlogger post and it’s true for the Domain Investing world as well. Yes – there is some luck involved at times but if you look at who has a successful blog, who is successful in the Domaining word, who is popular in the Business world, the list goes on and they all share one quality – they work hard!

“Some people just might not make it, at least not the first time. Show me a blogger that did get it right on the first effort and I’ll show you another thousand that didn’t. The difference though, is in persevering and not giving up. If one project fails, start up another.” (From – The ‘It Factor’ – How to Get It as a Blogger)

This is an excellent quote that applies directly to Domaining. Your first few mini-sites might not generate the revenue you expect, your first domain sale may fall below your expectations…the question is how YOU respond! If you give-up and assume there’s no more good domains left – you will be doomed to fail. If your realize that with each failure is a lesson, an opportunity to do better with the next project then you have a formula for success!

So enjoy the restful week between Christmas and New Years, focus on the positive, and get ready to work harder than you ever have. I sense that next year will be an incredible challenge and the opportunity has probably never been better…take each failure as a lesson and find your way to stand-out in the crowd. Dare to be different, find your own path and never, never, never give-up!

Now go back to spending time with your family – just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you have to get back to work yet!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton