When It Comes To Cyber Monday 2011 – Exact Match Domains Win

Last week I wrote a post about how exact match domains dominated the first page of Google for Black Friday. Well with Cyber Monday just a day away I thought it would be interesting to see who made it to the coveted Google page one – and once again exact-match domains win again!

Cyber Monday is the Black Friday of the online world. It is one of the top online shopping days of the year with companies like Amazon.com making a small fortune in just one day. Of course, just about every site that sells products or services is offering a discount on Cyber Monday and like Black Friday, being on the first page of Google can mean a very nice spike in traffic.

As you can see, over the last 30-days traffic for this term has grown dramatically, so let’s see who is benefiting from this traffic. In the #1 position is CyberMonday.com, the category-killer exact-match domain for the holiday. This site is owned and operated by Shop.org and they’ve done a great job of building a compendium of Cyber Monday deals.


After CyberMonday.com is the one and only Wikipedia followed by another exact-match domain, CyberMonday2011.biz. Like we saw with Black Friday domains TLD is not much of an issue and this is another great example. In fact, .BIZ has some great placement for Cyber Monday as the next listing is Amazon themselves, followed by CyberMonday.biz.

CyberMonday2011.biz and CyberMonday.biz outrank both Overstock and Target with CyberMonday2011.biz and CyberMonday.com defeating even Amazon.com for excellent first-page placement. For anyone that thinks Google only gives preferential placement to big brands, think again.

Tomorrow is a big day and for anyone looking to save money online throw on your pajamas, grab a cup of joe, and start shopping! Oh, and when you’re looking to get a summary of all the great deals available, head on over to the exact match domain of your choice!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton