Could be a record-breaking sale on

If there’s one trend that has been hard to ignore in the domain name world this year it has been the rise of investor interest in .IO domains. This has catapulted, the go-to marketplace for expired .IO domains into the limelight, and for good reason – great .IO names drop all the time, and get them.

There have been some truly stellar sales on this year like which went for $28,888 or which sold for $22,500. Now I see that is expiring and bidding has crossed $2,000 with about a week to go and I think a record-breaking sale could be in the works.

Lately we’ve seen more and more end-users getting in the mix, most recently sold for $3,574 to the owners of, who make some pretty nifty rope bracelets.

I personally think will break past the $20k mark, it’s such a strong word and could resell in the $50k – $100k range to an end-user IMHO. That being said, this all goes back to a post I wrote earlier this week which brings up the question – what ROI are you looking for when you buy a .IO domain.

I’m looking for 10x or higher myself since I know that .IO doesn’t sell with the same kind of liquidity as .COM and I may be holding onto the name for 5-10 years before I find a buyer that will pay top dollar for the name. I’d probably feel okay buying in the $2k – $4k range but I can tell you, there’s not a chance it’s going to sell for less than $10k, and like I said above, I think it’s going to go past $20k.

What do you think? Could this be a record-breaking sale for

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton