Contest EXTENDED + More Prizes – Win A $25 GoDaddy Gift Card By Helping Me Pick A Domain Name!

First let me say – “Thank You” to everyone who submitted their feedback! The response has been incredible and very helpful. As you all know I am a very inspired person and the flood of comments I’ve received over the last 24-hours has been phenomenal! I have narrowed it down to three domains so thought I would extend the contest another 24-hours to pick the winning domain. Of course I thought I should probably add more prizes so I’ve added something extra special to the prize list – a five-minute video review of your product or service (in HD) by me! I charge $250 for this normally so hope this will be a nice bonus for the winner!

I am getting much closer to picking the domain for the ccTLD blog/magazine I will be launching this year. I decided I want to make the blog open to multiple writers so everyone can share their expertise and experience with ccTLD’s. The idea is to create a resource where we can all learn more about, and share our experiences with ccTLD’s. I’ve had some incredible experiences with .us, .in, and that I’m looking forward to sharing. I am also getting much more involved with .mx and .ca this year so am interested to share my adventures here as I blaze some new trails.

As for why I’m separating this from the answer is simple – I want the blog to have multiple-writers. I am not an expert in all ccTLD’s – while my portfolio spans over 18 different TLD’s there are really only about five that I have enough experience with to talk about. I would like to create a place where other people can share their advice and opinions and have some regular writers who are active in the ccTLD space. Thus it wouldn’t make sense to have this on as this is my name and my brand and I want to build a shared brand with other inspired ccTLD Investors like myself!

Which brings me to the three finalists…here’s what I am looking at:


Let me know which of these three you like or if you think I’m making a terrible mistake by picking one of these. Remember – I want this to be a blog/online magazine about ccTLD’s so I think these three would be fitting…but I’ve been wrong before (okay like a million times!) so definitely want to know if you think I’m headed in the right direction. Thanks in advance and I look forward to making a major impact in the ccTLD world in 2010!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton