Estibot 2.0 – My Three Favorite Features

First I’d like to say this is NOT a sponsored post. I am a proud beta tester for Estibot so have been playing around with the new release for some time now. I can honestly say that the new version is nothing short of revolutionary and I would like to show you why! There are three features that I have found extremely useful when evaluating domain names I’d like to buy, as well as picking the right price to sell my domains. Estibot has done an incredible job of providing very useful information about a domain name all in one place.

So here it goes – my three favorite features!

1. Website Status

This section shows you just about everything you could want to know about the website located on a given domain. Sure you can visit every single domain you’d like to buy and do the analysis yourself but every single piece of data you could ever want it right here! In fact you can use this for your own domains to check the resolve time and page size which is important information for any developer. Since I am always looking at monetization this data is very useful for me to get a quick picture of what the current domain owner is doing to monetize their domain.

2. Help me SELL this domain

Okay – so this may be the single best feature Estibot added in their 2.0 release – but it’s too hard for me to pick one which is why I chose three! Estibot now actually helps you sell your domain name by finding potential buyers.

You can have Estibot pick leads based on similar registrations, keyword advertisers, or both. This is the exact same process you’d follow if you were trying to sell the domain yourself…except Estibot does it for you!

3. Search Statistics

Understanding the monthly search volume and CPC for the keywords in a domain is one of the major metrics myself and many others use to buy a domain. When I was sitting in the live auction at TRAFFIC and DOMAINfest you could see people punching away at the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to get this data. Estibot makes it easy to access this however adds one VERY cool feature – graphs that show how the search volume has changed over time. This is particularly useful if you are looking at trend domains that my be seeing a rapid increase in search volume. There are plenty of other great features in Estibot 2.0 but I wanted to pick my top three to share with all of you. As a Domain Investor Estibot is a tool you absolutely cannot live without and with the 2.0 release a great service just got better!Feel free to share your three favorite features as well!
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton