Coming August 1st: Domaining SEO Contest!

I am excited to announce that this weekend I will be unveiling my first Domaining SEO contest. This contest will not be about luck, but instead focused on skill! I’ll be giving more details in my video this weekend but here’s the idea:

– Contest will be open to all Domainers
– Contestants will submit one domain they have NOT yet developed (as has not been previously developed)
– Goal of the contest will be to have your domain ranked in the #1-3 spot in Google in 2-months from the contest start date (Aug 1st)
– Prizes to be announced this weekend

This will be a very interesting contest as it will come down to selecting a domain you think will be able to get strong Google rankings – quickly. On top of domain selection you will have to build a targeted mini-site that allows the domain to rank well very quickly (unless you have another strategy in mind).

There are a lot of dynamics to this competition and many ways to get to the top so I’m excited to see what strategies people employee. I’ll be sending out an SEO strategy guide with some tips before the contest starts on August 1st.

So put on your thinking cap folks because this just might be the first contest of its kind!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton