New Advertising Options Added to

As you all know is one of the most-viewed sites in the Domaining world. I’ve been using as one of my go-to news sources since I can remember. Francois – the creator and owner of has done a great job adding new features to the site over the years.

Last year Francois added the ability to list domains for sale as well as feature posts at the top of the page. I’ve found that when I feature a post I get roughly 6x-8x the normal traffic my posts receive so if you have something to announce this is a GREAT way to get the word out.

Now don’t go thinking Francois paid me to write this post – I’m writing this because I think is an incredible resource and since I use it every day I’m happy to share what I like about it!

Last week Francois announced the addition of new advertising on the top of his site and he has now reduced the price dramatically to make these ads more accessible to advertisers. One really cool feature of their new ad spots is that they will actually create the ad for you if you don’t have one already! Considering it costs upwards of $100 to have a banner ad created (or at least a decent one!) this is a great deal.

So if you’ve got a brand to promote now is a great time to take advantage of yet another new addition to!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton