.CO.COM Premium Landrush Is On + Why I Had To See The Data To Get It

.CO.COM, a new domain name extension run by three of the most-well known veterans in the domain industry. Even though they aren’t in general availability yet, the registry released a slew of premium domains yesterday, and at prices that anyone can afford. Names like Flying.co.com, Beef.co.com, Payments.co.com and more went up for sale for under $50 each leveling the playing field and making .CO.COM one of the most accessible TLDs on the market.


Okay, so why .CO.COM?

I asked the same question myself because honestly when I first heard about this, it didn’t compute. As you guys (and gals) probably know by now, I’m a data geek, and it was data that showed me why there is so much opportunity here.

Here’s the data that led to my “aha” moment:

69 countries in the world have TLDs that end in .CO.SOMETHING

149 countries in the world have TLDs that end in .COM.SOMETHING

7M .CO.UK names registered

If I built my brand on a .CO.HU, .CO.UG, .CO.IL or any of the other 200+ TLDs that use a .CO with a .COM, I’d want the .CO.COM too. That’s exactly what the folks over at the .CO.COM registry are thinking and I can tell you that if any of you have met Paul Goldstone, Ken Hansen, or Gregg McNair (GGG as many of us know him) you know that these guys look to the future and go big.

Let me be clear here. I’m not waving a flag here saying that I’m investing like crazy in .CO.COM or that you should too. In many cases I honestly don’t think these names apply to us, they apply to the 69 countries that have TLDs ending in .CO.SOMETHING and the 149 countries that end in .COM.SOMETHING, doing the math that is 218 countries…which is a lot of countries.

As you can also imagine many of these names are most-likely getting type-in traffic which means that people in these 218 countries can lock-in built in traffic just by scooping up a premium name for under $50. Here’s a list of some of the premium names release, you can see the full list here:

Beef.co.com (Beef.com sold for $150,000)

Best.co.com (Best.com sold for $331,561)

Biking.co.com (Biking.com sold for $250,000)

Billionaire.co.com (Billionaire.com sold for $215,000)

DVDs.co.com (DVDs.co.uk sold for 35,000 GBP)

Farm.co.com (Farm.com sold for $200,000)

Flying.co.com (Flying.com sold for $1.1 million)

Guns.co.com (Guns.co.uk sold for 5,000 GBP)

Jets.co.com (Jets.com sold for $375,000)

PatentLawyer.co.com (PatentAttorney.com sold for $40,0000)

Payments.co.com (Payments.co.uk sold for 10,000 GBP)

PetSupplies.co.com (PetSupplies.com sold for $75,000)

Planes.co.com (PlaneSales.com sold for $19,750)

Rebates.co.com (Rebates.com sold for $500,000)

Seniors.co.com (Seniors.com sold for $1.8 million)

Show.co.com (Shows.com sold for $102,000)

Social.co.com (Social.com sold for $2.6 million, Social.org)

Xmas.co.com (Xmas.com sold for $294,200)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton