Want to build iOS8 Apps? Teach yourself Swift, Swiftly

So Apple threw you for a loop and after you finally thought you had Objective-C mastered you learned that nobody cares about Objective-C anymore, we’re living in a Swift world. Scary right?

First I want to let you know that learning Objective-C wasn’t a waste and every iOS developer should be an Objective-C geek. Yes, that’s right, it wasn’t a bit waste and while you will need to learn Swift ASAP, good old Objective-C is a still going to be your friend and ally.

Okay you now that your heart rate has dropped and you put back on your “I love Objective-C” shirt, it’s time to dive-in and learn Swift…but where? It’s a brand new programming language which means there really isn’t that much out there, yet. Not to fear, I’ve found three solid resources to help you get started with Swift, well, swiftly of course!



DesignCode.io wasted no time getting their “Learning Swift” book out to the public. This is definitely one of the best resources out there and they do a deep dive into Xcode  6, CloudKit and Testflight so by the time you’re done you’ll be a lean, mean, Swift-programming machine.



Who better to learn Swift from than the people who created it? Apple has of course released their own learning materials and “The Swift Programming Language” book is definitely something you should download, read, and then set aside on your eBook shelf for reference.



Looking for that “Hello world” tutorial you’ve been waiting for. UK-based IOS-Blog.co.uk has a great multi-part tutorial that will get you up and Swifting (that works right?) in no time.

Did Apple throw you for a loop? Did you find a kick-ass Swift tutorial that you think everyone should know about. Just scroll down and share in the comment section below. Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton