.CLUB Takes The Lead As The #1 New Domain Extension On Go Daddy


As I’ve said before, .CLUB is one of my favorite new domain extensions for a number of reasons. With close to 2,000 new domain extensions coming out I haven’t held back on sharing my opinion that the vast majority of these will fail. Let’s be honest, some words lend themselves to extensions, others do not. .CLUB is one of those extensions that just makes sense and now it’s not just me saying it, the numbers tell the full story.

In the first year .CLUB has hit over 200,000 registration and now sits as the #1 new domain name extension on Go Daddy with hundreds of new .CLUB domains selling every day.

“We knew from the beginning that .CLUB would be a hit, as it has meaning and recognition all over the world, no matter the language, alphabet or culture. It’s exciting and amazing to be part of this transformation on the Internet, as more businesses and consumers realize they are still able to get a great domain name that translates into better marketing, better branding and more meaning to the right of the dot.  We believe our domain has helped launch more new online businesses in just our first year than any other gTLD, and we believe it will continue this momentum for years to come.” (Colin Campbell, CEO .CLUB)

Startups and celebrities have been flocking to .CLUB with people like serial entrepreneur Justin Kan (founder of Justin.tv and Twitch.tv) launching his new music service on TheDrop.club and popular rapper 50 Cent moving his website to 50InDa.club.


Of course it takes more than a great name to launch a great domain name extension. It takes great people to build great companies and I can tell you that Colin and Jeff are two of the sharpest founders I have ever met. I knew .CLUB would kick ass in it’s first year but with over 200,000 registrations and the title as the #1 new domain extension on Go Daddy I have to say I am impressed, so impressed I couldn’t go another day without writing this post!

Hats off to the whole .CLUB team, well done!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton