CES 2011 In Two Words “Smart TV”

Last year the buzz at CES was about one thing and one thing only – 3D TV. I was excited to see what the focus was this year and one look at the convention center answered my question – Smart TV.

That’s right, the 3D TV buzz is nowhere to be seen, no 3D TV posters, no magazines highlighting the new 3D TV’s for 2011…nope this year it’s all about apps, but not apps for your phone, apps for your tv.

Samsung is definitely leading the pack when it comes to advertising with a giant banner on top of the convention center that reads, Smart TV, and has icons of a few tv apps.

So what does this mean for Domainers? Well there’s already some nice search volume in this space, “smart tv” gets over 70,000 global searches on Google each month and “tv apps” gets over 33,000…and this trend hasn’t even taken-off yet.

I’ll be the first to say it, 3D TV launched with a bang in 2010 and died in 2011. Without a shadow of a doubt 2011 is the year of the app and while they’ve already taken over your phone they’re about to take-over your living room!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton