CES 2011 Day One – Initial Thoughts from a Domainer’s Perspective

CES 2011 kicked-off yesterday with roughly 140,000 people flooding the Las Vegas convention center. If you read my post yesterday then you already know the theme of this show – Smart TV. You can always tell the main theme of the show based on the massive banners that adorn the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This year Samsung and Sony are the two most prominent sponsors when looking at the show from the exterior. Sony is using different branding than Samsung and using the catch-phrase “television redefined” rather than “smart tv.” Don’t rush to register TelevisionRedefined.com – a company called SeaChange International already nabbed this name which was originally registered back in 2007.

television redefined

Before the show opened all I could see was the banners on the outside of the showfloor. Once getting inside the convention center I was able to get a little better idea of the themes for this year.


Yesterday I said that it looked like the 3D TV was dead. After walking through the convention center I can tell you that it’s not dead…but it’s no longer the next big thing. This year it’s all about Apps, apps for your phone, apps for your television, and now apps for your desktop computer thanks to Apple’s announcement today.

Along with a craze around apps is tablet-mania. This year at CES if you want to impress the audience you need to either have a TV with apps, a phone with apps, or a tablet with apps. With the popularity of the iPad it is clear that many manufacturers are jumping on the Tablet bandwagon and moving quickly! Of course all the good tablet domains are long gone so don’t bother trying to register any gems in this space.

To end day one I came-across a hilarious sign that Microsoft put up in the Cosmopolitan for a private part they are hosting for their partners. The slogan for their party this year was “It’s not for everyone,” and that’s why you have to love Microsoft 🙂


I can say with 100% honesty that I completely agree with Microsoft’s sign and tagline for the party. As a proud Mac user all I can do when I see that sign is smile and nod, it’s just so darn true – it’s not for everyone!

Stay-tuned for more updates live from CES 2011!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton