ccTLDs Looking Strong for 2010! Four Out Of the Top Five Domains Sold Last Week Were ccTLDs!

It is pretty exciting to see the sales still coming-in strong last week when most people around the world are on vacation! Every week I analyze the previous week’s domain sales and try to find patterns or trends. When I look at the domain sales list over at DNJournal I pay attention to three key data-points:

  • Keywords in the domain
  • TLD
  • Where the domain was sold

This month it is phenomenal to see some TLD’s besides .com in the top five slots – while .com does take the #1 spot, and .es are in the second and third spot last week! Below are the top five domain sales of last week as listed in the DNJournal Sales Chart:

  1. – $88,000
  2. – $57,500
  3. – $55,770
  4. – $35,750
  5. – $34,320

As you can see only one of the top five domain sales last week was a .com! I’m a big believer in the tremendous growth of the ccTLD market which is ccTLD’s are a strong component of my portfolio! Keep your eye on this trend as I see 2010 being a great year for all of us ccTLD investors that have been busy building our empires 🙂

Another interesting tidbit that is definitely quite useful is WHERE all these domains were sold. Of the top twenty domains sold last week, 16 were sold through Sedo! Now I’m not saying that if you put your domains on Sedo they will just sell immediately for top-dollar…what I am saying is to look at the trends – Sedo is clearly moving some nice inventory in the ccTLD space.

So will 2010 be the year of the ccTLD? Are the weekly sales lists of the future going to have more domains? Who knows! My crystal ball is as good as yours but there is nothing wrong with speculating!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton