By Popular Request – The Domain Investing Audio Book

As many of you know I’ve been a practitioner of the Lean Startup methodology for some time now. In fact Fashion Metric was born out of Lean Startup Machine! Lean is all about customer development, learning from your users and waiting to build something until you have a real validated interest.

Domain Investing Audiobook

Well my book is now in its third edition and over the last couple of years I’ve heard one request over, and over, and over again. Is there an audio version? So I am excited to announce that I’ve been listening, and now very soon you could be listening to my book!

The Domain Investing Handbook has become a go-to resource for new Domain Investors. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture of how easy it is to get started in this space, nor does it promise you can make a fortune working only a few hours a week.

Domain Investing is hard, very hard. Most people who try it lose money. My book covers what took me six years to learn (and over $30,000 in mistakes!) and condenses it into one book. Now I’ve taken the time to sit down and read the book making it available in audio format.

So if you’ve wanted to read my book but prefer to listen to it in your car on the way to work or on your smartphone on the subway, you will be able to very soon. Pre-order today and you’ll get access to the audio book before anyone else. Thanks too all of my readers (and others) who wrote in and asked for this, it is because of you that I’m doing it!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton