Founder Featured In The Economist

The founder of, a startup focused on making it easy to find people to study with wrote a very interesting piece for the Economist talking about what he calls the “innovators dilemma”:

“I AM already an entrepreneur. I run two education start-ups, and The former, I launched last year; the latter will be up-and-running shortly. So why do I need an MBA?” (Source – The Economist)Akkshay is approaching the MBA with a fresh perspective, rather than leveraging it specifically to get a job, he’s looking to go further and use it to accelerate his own businesses and allow him to contribute more to the startup community as a whole.My goal is to add value to companies and enhance growth, be it as an entrepreneur or as an advisor to start-ups. Today I want to do this with my own projects, but tomorrow I know there will be other companies I will launch and advise. So while my role might change, the fundamentals I need will not. (Source – The Economist)

Along with,


recently launched, a site that he plans to grow while in this MBA program. I’m looking forward to watching these two brands grow, congrats to

Akkshay on what looks like a very exciting journey ahead!
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton