Breaking: Sahar announces DomainingAMA

Sahar Sarid is someone on a very short list of people that I could say has without a doubt changed my life. It was Sahar’s blog (then called that was what first sparked my interest in domain investing back in 2007. Then, three years later I had the chance to meet Sahar at TRAFFIC 2010 and he was incredibly kind, helpful, and honest people.


Over the years I’ve had a chance to get to know Sahar even more and I can tell you he studies this industry, and is the person I look up to the most when it comes to advice about where the domain industry is headed.


That is why I couldn’t have been more excited to read this morning that Sahar is launching DomainingAMA, a platform (like RedditAMA), here’s a description of it in Sahar’s own words:

“it is a Domaining spin on Reddit AMA and for five days a week at noon, est., we will feature one person per day to share and give their all with our community.#Domaining will never be the same.”

The first guest will be on Monday 3/28 at 12:00PM EST. Huge congrats to Sahar, this is a major win for our whole industry and another great free educational resource for domain investors around the world!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton