Breaking: Facebook Announces Mobile Ad Network at f8

Today at Facebook’s Developer conference, f8, the company officially launched its mobile ad network, aptly called the Facebook Audience Network, a big move and a shift in focus for Facebook. Although Facebook began testing the network since back in 2012 it hasn’t been ready for primetime until today.


The Facebook Audience Network will make it easy for developers to swap out their current mobile advertising solution or add Facebook’s with just a few lines of code. AdMob, MoPub, InMobi and many other mobile advertising solutions have been raking it in as early players in one of the fastest (if not the fastest) ad markets in the world. The problem is, these networks don’t have the kind of data Facebook has, and that’s making publishers and advertisers very excited.

Here’s a look at what the ads look like in-app:


While you might personally find in-app advertising annoying it’s definitely not going away, it’s growing, very fast, and there’s no slowing down. The question is, who will dominate the mobile advertising space and right now Facebook is the best-positioned to do it. While Google has always been the ad king they are having trouble competing with Facebook when it comes to having deep data on their users. Facebook is using this data to help advertisers better target their customers and the company with the best targeting wins.

Facebook made a great 44 second video that can go into a bit more detail about how the Facebook Ad Network works:

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton