After Raising Over $5M, Is Acquired By Unified

So you might not have heard of a badass analytics startup called but they’ve been busy building very cool technology that makes it easier to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns.


Companies like Groupon, Zynga and many more use and now it is going to be offered directly by Unified. If you haven’t heard of Unified they are one of the big dogs in the marketing tech world, they’ve raised over $14M to-date and started only three years ago.

“Integrating’s social attribution technology with Unified’s system of record enables us to give marketers unprecedented insights into the value that social sharing brings to their business,” (Sheldon Owen, Unified CEO – Source)

Since Unified already has a very impressive client list it will be easy to roll-out what has done into an even more powerful solution for their partners. These are also two companies you may have never heard of and that don’t have to care as much about domains because they are B2B companies. Unified doesn’t have instead they brand on and awesm has built its brand on a .SM domain.

Both of these companies have built incredible teams, successfully raised money multiple times, and built strong and innovative businesses. As I’ve said many times before, big consumer facing products may need to have their .COM but companies who focus on B2B or app-makers can really go in any direction they want.

We’ve already seen these two markets (B2B and app-makers) take to so many different TLDs like .CO, .ME, .IO, .LY, and in this example even .SM, so why would the new gTLDs not offer the same opportunities to so many new B2B companies and app-makers of the future?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton