Blogs and Domain Flipping

Blogs can play an essential role in domain flipping and oftentimes give the edge you need to get excellent search engine rankings. It may seem like a simple concept but a blog is by far the fastest way to create a quick webpage. It also happens to be one of the best mechanisms for easily providing fresh content – which search engines love.

So where does a blog fit-in with domain flipping? I’ve discussed in previous posts about an interim page before you do a full flip on a domain. The interim page is a website that should take minimal time to build, but can start getting the domain ranked in the search engine and begin building-up backlinks. Remember, one of the key facets of domain value is traffic, especially when you can show how that traffic is converted to revenue.

A blog gives you a very powerful tool for making quick interim websites that can serve to get some initial traffic to your domain before you take the time to complete an entire flip. Blogger is one of the best packages for this as it has a very easy-to-use system for hosting your blog on your webserver. This means that visitors to your blog will actually be accessing content on your server and your domain by it’s actual name rather than

Building a quick blog in 30-45 minutes that has strong keyword usage and a way to monetize traffic (Google AdSense is built-into blogger) is a great way to seed your domains with some initial traffic. Then when you complete your flip you’ll already have some backlinks, traffic, and hopefully good rankings in search engines for some of your main keywords. This will give your flip legs much quicker than if you were to simply park the domain.

The great thing about blogging is that you can easily update your site once a week, or even once a month to provide fresh content. Pick a domain that is a subject you might be an expert in – that way you can write the blog yourself and feel confident that you’re providing quality information to your visitors. Fresh content that is updated on a regular basis is the key to getting repeat visitors.

So for those of your overwhelmed by the thought of flipping all your domains, it might be good to start with blogs. Make a simple blog for every undeveloped domain that you own. In a few months you’ll find that you now have domains that are well-ranked in search engines, have some baseline traffic, and will serve as the perfect foundation for a complete flip. It’s time to get proactive! Blogs are just one great way you can save time and still provide a content-rich website on your domain.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton