The evolution of your domain

I received a great comment from one of my readers. In the comment, Jamie Parks describes the 8 steps from registration to development. I thought this was a great view of the evolution of your domain so decided it would be great to post it for all to read:

The more I look at the evolution from domain registration to development of web presence, the clearer it all becomes.
1. Register (keyword)
2. Park (direct navigation?)
3. Custom landing page (real sense of ownership)
4. Blog (content control; search engine ranking; traffic)
5. Newsletter (maintain constant contact)
6. Forum (user acquisition; wisdom of crowd)
7. Social Network (participatory; user generated content)
8. Custom webapp (free + go pro mo./fee)
The list really can go anywhere from there. Not every site could
stand to have a forum, a social network, or a newsletter but most every
site would benefit from having a blog. So there’s no reason to not have
This is why your post is awesome! Blogs are crucial to every domain’s development. Excellent post.
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton