Bill Hartzer just did something pretty awesome to give back to his community

For those who don’t know Bill Hartzer, Bill is an SEO guru (one of my go-to’s for SEO tips), he’s pretty active on social media, and he runs a digital marketing podcast.

At the same time, as I’ve had the chance to get to know Bill over the years, I’ve seen that he’s also just an all around good guy, and what he did recently for his local food bank is absolutely awesome, so awesome, I thought I’d highlight it in a post. First here’s the tweet I saw that inspired this:

Bill Hartzer Food Bank

It turns out that Bill’s local food bank didn’t have a website, so there was no way for them to take donations online. Thanks to Bill – now there is. I think my story is a bit early as Bill mentioned they’re still waiting for the site to go live, but today should be the day.

When it does go live I will be making a donation and updating my blog post with a link to the site. One very positive thing I’ve seen come out of all of this is that a global pandemic can bring out either the worst, or best, in people. I’ve seen so much good from so many people that I do think 2020 can really be a year for positive change and growth in all of us.

There are people like Bill all over the globe, let’s celebrate them and support what they’re doing to make the world a better place. Thanks Bill – you rock!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton