Awesome Case Study On Optimizing Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Advertising

It’s no secret that Facebook advertising has become a very effective way to reach a targeted audience online. Whether it’s getting downloads for a new app or acquiring new customers for your business Facebook allows targeting in a way that Google can’t. Now I’m not saying Google AdWords can’t be used effectively, it is still the 10,000 pound gorilla, but Facebook is definitely in the race and a favorite for many companies.

Here’s the problem with Facebook advertising. Like anything new, there’s a bit of a learning curve, and just like it takes time to hone and optimize a Google Adwords campaign, the same is true of a Facebook campaign. I’ve always been a big fan of learning from others and I recently came across a thread on warrior forum where someone shared a great in-depth look at how they optimized their own Facebook ad campaign.

What I think is great about this case study is looking at how many campaigns were run simultaneously, each focused on one specific learning and guided by strict metrics and goals. It is critical that you set conditions for success and failure so you can get to what works the best for you as quickly as possible. One great technique this post illustrates is setting a CTR threshold, if after x number of views your ad doesn’t get a click, kill the ad, the copy isn’t compelling enough.

Like Google AdWords, optimizing Facebook ad campaigns means conducting lots of tests. Enjoy this thread on Warrior Forum to see a great case study first-hand.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton