Are Your Domains Spread Across Different Registrars? Solve Your Problem + Win A Trip To New Zealand

I think for me the most complicated year was 2010, at that point I had purchased enough domains that I had account at more than ten different registrars. This had two major issues, first it was hard to keep track of when everything was renewing and easy to accidentally let a valuable name expire and second it was hard to stay on-top of my inventory.

Moving all your domains to one registrar can be an incredible relief, suddenly everything is organized in one place. On top of that being able to make changes in bulk can save a lot of time. This came in handy for me as I was A/B testing different parking providers and monetization methods.

This week I was excited to see Instra offering a pretty incredible promotion that is going to send one lucky winner on a dream trip to New Zealand.


I’ve talked about Instra them before and actually made the trip out to NZ myself a couple of years ago. As I’ve said many times before the key to a great company is a great team and I can tell you Instra has some of the hardest-working and innovative people on the planet…who happen to live in an incredibly beautiful part of the planet!

Instra is constantly looking for ways to push the envelop so I can tell you if you have domains with them you’ll probably get to experience some pretty cutting-edge features that you won’t find on most other registrars.

The way the contest works is simple:

  1. Head on over to the Instra Domain Name Transfer page
  2. Enter the domains you would like to transfer
  3. For every name you transfer you will get one entry in the contest

In case you didn’t know it’s actually summer over there now so if you’d like another summer…you might just get one. The contest is valid through the end of February and yes, I will be entering it myself as well, come on, can’t miss the chance at a free trip to NZ right?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton