The East Coast Asked. We Delivered.

I don’t talk about fashion much on my blog but as I learned at NamesCon there are actually a lot of stylish domain investors out there. From Michael Berkens ( wearing some nice Robert Graham shirts to Frank Schilling who looks stylish every time I see him, let’s just say it was actually a pretty stylish crowd that took over the Tropicana two weeks ago!

Michael Cyger, or as many of you know him, Domain Sherpa  was an early Fashion Metric customer and stocked-up on some of our latest selections in Vegas. Oh and Richard Lau and James Morfopoulos had some of our best Stone Rose shirts brought to Vegas for them which I actually personally ironed and brought down for them. Okay, that’s not a normal service but let’s just say we do always go above-and-beyond for our customers.


Photo Credit: Brian Koprowski via Compfight cc

While it has been like summer here in California we’ve watched from afar as the East Coast endures a polar vortex. Fashion Metric has plenty of customers who are getting a bit chilly and a button-down just won’t cut it. So I am excited to announce the addition of sweaters starting today.

Like all things Fashion Metric, our focus is quality and fit. Rather than focusing on getting the cheapest clothes at the biggest discounts we focus on getting the best quality brands that will fit just the way you like. 7 Diamonds has been one of our (and our customer’s) favorite brands and everything they do, they do well, really well.

This month we have hand-picked a selection of sweaters that will keep you warm and stylish, which isn’t a bad combo. You can view all of our sweaters here, a few of my favorites are below:

7 Diamonds Sweater

7 Diamonds Grey Sweater

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton