Are .LY domains back in fashion?

Today I was doing my regular end-of-week auction review on when I noticed that the domain getting the most love is a .LY domain, Coffee(.)ly which just broke the $1,000 mark.

If you can remember, years ago a startup called popularized the .LY domain extension which for those who don’t already know is technically the ccTLD for the country of Libya.

Today, I think it’s safe to say that extensions like .IO, .CO, and .AI have stolen the show when it comes to non .COMs that are popular with startups. That being said, I’ve always wondered in the back of my head, “what if .ly became cool again?” 😎

So while I was surprised in many ways to see a .LY name at the top of the auction list at, I also wasn’t. If you’re a cool new startup disrupting the coffee world might be what you’re looking for.

The reality is, for a word like “Coffee” the .COM is off the market (in this case owned by Peet’s) so your only option is a non .COM and while I had all but forgotten about .LY, it’s still here. My guess is a domain investor is bidding on this but either way it will be interesting to see what happens with this one.

All it takes is another well-known startup taking off on an extension like .LY to get it back in the limelight.

🎯 Fun fact – the highest reported .LY sale is sold by Braden Pollock back in 2011 🚀

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton